UliK & Le S.N.O.B. - gliSSSSSSSSSendo

Draped in black, floor-length robes, musicians glide across the room like beings from another world. Bizarrely sounding wind instruments glow in the light of their flaming hats. Their movements are somewhat surreal as they perform a seemingly weightless, choreographed routine amidst the astounded and speechless audience surrounding them.

They sound out timeless and magnificent compositions by Philip Glass, Francis Poulenc or Michael Nyman - unconventionally and expertly interpreted and perfectly integrated into the surreal ballet. Sound and movement become one, fusing to create a unique and novel concept. The music floats throughout the audience, drifting apart, and then reuniting. And if you close your eyes, it swirls around again in your head; it’s just like listening to live surround-sound. However, you must open your eyes again so you don’t miss a single moment of this sensational spectacle!


UliK & Le S.N.O.B.




1 x 45"


Walk Act, Open Air, Indoor