Since 1992 we have been active in the show and event sector


RUDI RENNER produces, manages and arranges carefully selected international artists and shows.  Our main focus is on shows and artists from the fields of nouveau cirque, urban art, contemporary art. Our artists play wherever the encounter between artist and audience is central.    

We have a wide network of contacts who, together with the agency team, dedicate themselves to new ideas and implementations.     

Culture is alive, diverse and more exciting than ever.  Our credo: discuss at eye level, become creative, develop ideas, weigh them up. Let go of the old. Finding the right solution for our clients and our artists. Here experienced rabbits sit at one table with young savages and everyone profits from it! Passion, fun with new ideas and full commitment are in the foreground for us. We put together a feel-good package for everyone involved!


Anja Brandt

Artist Agency & Project Management Event

Gabriele Kirchner


Robert Sterzik

Owner, artist agency & project management Event

Niels Kriesten

Project Manager Lichtgraffiti, glowing pix, Event