Kaaos Kaamos


Kaaos Kaamos describe themselves as a European artist crew with a focus on hand on hand and banquine.

An international mixed troupe with artists from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Chile and New Caledonia, all with different backgrounds - cultural, linguistic, artistic and lifestyle.

It is on this diversity that their creativity and the desire for shared values such as tolerance, honesty, respect and constant dialogue is based - sometimes over a good meal and coffee!

The show is about the connection & community between different people and characters and about finding a common language: Circus!

Based on the classic circus techniques hand on hand & banquine differences are already created, depending on the role the individual has in each trick: Base or Flyer?

The connections between the performing disciplines and the unspoken (contact, trust, concentration...) also play an important role.

Rituals as an essential link in life also play an important role: be it drinking coffee together (Fika), an important tradition in Sweden, or magnesium as a symbol and element of the artists.

Kaaos Kamoos want to combine circus, theatre and movement to overcome borders and create their own language, bigger than words, higher than bodies, stronger than performances.

Kaaos Kaamos



1x 45 - 60"


Theater, Show, Non verbal, Open Air