glowing pix


Excite with small things and bring great joy.
With glowing pix you create a big appearance, where the certain something is in the small - in the backlit Plexiglas panes. These are fitted with processed photo foils and you already present the world out there with what it looks like inside you: the likeable people who work in your company and fantastic people who are at your event. Or quite simply: your shining role models!

These are really glowing role models
The glowing pix are ideal for introducing people. Because you can make the people who work for you, with you or for you, in the truest sense of the word shining role models for the external effect. So every visitor can get a picture of the heads in your company already at the reception.

If the wall lights up, the faces shine   
glowing pix is what you call an "eye catcher", in the Rhineland you would say "eye-catcher". This visual point of view quickly becomes a communicative meeting point: everyone wants to take a close look at what throws a good light on the event from a distance. One shows here and the other there and the shared joy about the glowing pix quickly leads to a conversation.



Interaction | Event | give-aways


Temporary event installation| Photo action 4 - 6 hours


Photo interaction