Company Satchok


 „One imagine Sisyphus as a happy person.“

With unrivaled playfulness, three strong characters deal with the process of creation.
Humorously they show how artists train together, try out and discard ideas, and struggle for valuable minutes in the spotlight.


Stoic but happy, they keep creating new pictures around their tripod and a ”Push” button for music recordings. Inspired by the Sisyphus myth and the Camus quote, Company Satchok created a show full of artistry.
They present Banquine, hand on hand, straps and partner acrobatics on many levels.


That's all it takes for a good show: A little philosophy, strong pictures and three sympathetic artists!

Sisyphus - Pure Artistik

Company Satchok




2 x 25 - 30"


Show, Non verbal, Open Air